YAY! Finally managed to progress - a temping job in Hammersmith. ^^ At least Ill be doing something productive for the next 2 and a bit weeks!

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会社の初めての日は・・・ちょっと忙しかったです。疲れた! 眠い! 


(Hey, I havent dont a hard days work since... ooh... beginning of Feb? :) )

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hmm... tempings ok, but you got to remember, its not a job. therefore i gotta answer my ringing phone incase its a job, and that can be awkward. how many times a day can i run off to the loo to take a call?

so far, no times. but, after all the hassle today and in confusion about tomorrow, sorry unwritten law, i got to answer it. maybe the people at work dont care, its just i never liked taking a personal call at work. I dont think its right.

BUT, this isnt my job remember. Im just a stand-in.