Tokyo joins race for 2016 Olympics

2012 = London.
2016 = Tokyo?

Could be. According to the BBC, Japan has joined the race to bid the 2016 Olympic games, along with Los Angeles and other cities. Tokyo last held the Olympics in 1964.

But, I dunno. Maybe a good idea? Tokyo is crowded enough as it is.
Im dreading 2012 in London.


Click on the Tokyo 1964 logo above to go to an interesting site. You can see the logos for all the Olympics dating back to when it started in 1896. I never knew that London held the Olympics in 1948.. ! Must have recovered quickly after the war....

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Nick さんのコメント...

i wonder what i'll be doing in 2016, might be living in Japan, eep i'll be 32 by then!

karekora さんのコメント...

argh, so will i... >_< 10 years time.... i hope id have found a job by then.... !!! >_<