Strange feelings


So, Ill be back in the land of London in 2 weeks after being away for a year. Its strange. It does feel really strange. Packing up my stuff from the room I hated at first then learned to love. Meeting up with everyone I know here 'for the last time'. Even though I know Ill be back in Tokyo, who knows what might happen.... Circumstances change. Lives move on. Things will never be like 2005 in Tokyo again. Even if I do come back, doing something for the second time is never as fun.

I cant believe in June I wanted to pack up my stuff and get out. Its true, if you do work you enjoy, life is sweeter.

Anyway, wont write anything for a while now, as busy trying to fit everything I want to do in the short time I have left.

Regrets? Only that I never quit my English job sooner. And that I have to leave.

Only 17,800yen on a 20% discount in Sakuraya, Shinjuku :) Bit bulky compaired to my old one, and the flip lid is annoying (OK, so my old denshijisho is antique) but its soooooooo much faster searching for unreadable kanji. And it even has a history, for easy use :)

My life in Japan may be coming to an end, but my use of Japanese wont.

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