My friend has died

Im shocked, bewidered, scared, sad, angry.... My friend, aged 21 although born the later half of 1984, was the same age as me. She lived apart from her family, who all lived in Zimbabwe. She, came to England to get treatment for her Kidney Infection, in which she did, but enjoyed England so much decided to stay and study here for a while. Her infection returned however, and in 1998 she was put on the kidney transplant list. In 2005, she died waiting.

21 years old. A happy bubbly girl who never complained no matter how much time she had to spend in hospital attached to a blood cleaning machine. She had plans for the future even though she knew her future may not be as long as, say, mine or her other friends around her. I cant believe that when I return to England, she wont be there.

She will be missed. greatly.

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hey, its M_x . the funeral is on Friday 11th. Apparantley her family are coming over. shes being buried, but i think probably theyll take her body back to zimbabwe. Kathie is going. Talk more soon.

oh and the word verification thing on your blogger is evil :) i type it in correctly but it chucks me out again, making me type it all up again..... >_< GET RID PLZ!! :)

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ill be thinking of you on fri. :( big hugs

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hey, no email makes me worried -- hows things?