Not if, but when

A parrot which came from South America and in quarantine in Britain, died 2 days ago from Bird Flu. They are still testing to see if it the same lethal thread of bird flu.

As a bird owner, Im worried. I dont want to return to London to a bird flu epidemic. You always think that things like this will hit other countries, other people. Its how you carry on. In Japan, Tokyo, the country most prone to earthquakes in the world, its like Im living in a ticking bomb. Its not if Tokyo will have a major earthquake, its when. And, yet, me, like many others choose to live here. Why? Its a great place to live, you cant live your life thinking what if, and, in the back of your mind, you never really believe that it will happen to you. Well, in my case anyway.

Lets hope Britain, and the rest of the world, can act responsibily and safely in this threat of a seriously dangerous disease.

Britain. they say you only become an expat if you are unhappy in your home country. Its not that I was unhappy in London. I am very proud to be considered a Londoner, with all the history and excitement of the city. just the people are rude. 6 weeks left in Japan and I so dont want to leave. Just thinking I could have made the decision to be home now makes me sad. What I could miss out on.

A tip for those thinking of taking a Working HOliday Visa to Japan - dont do it for the money. Youll get weel paid, sure, if you work as an English teacher, youll be laughing, but, working as an English teacher isnt really being in Japan. Youll speak English all day. Everyone you meet will be well accustomed to meeting foreigners. You want to get beneath that. Lucily I was given the chance to do just that. Think the Japanese are racist? Look again.


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