Im no more an alien as you

Im human. I have blood running thru my veins. I have a brain that keeps me alive. I breathe. I feel. I have feelings. Im human. I was born, I will die. You see, Im just like you.

My I.D card might have the words ALIEN written above my head, but, Im no more an alien than you.

My eyes are green, yes. My hair is blonde, yes. I dont mind you noticing Im different, I like that. I enjoy sharing cultures and experiences and noting the differences. Its interesting. Its fun. You can try speak English or I can try speak Japanese. Who cares about grammar as long as we understand?

But, why is it you seem like a child right now, bored of the gaijin and now looking for a new toy?

Im human. Im not an experiment. Im not a doll. Im not a toy.

Spare me my feelings will you?

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