Election Day

Junichiro Koizumi and his LDP Party are expected to win the General Election in Japan today. They have a significant advantage on the other parties, so the news tells me. Up until a few days ago, I thought Koizumi was like Blair - everyone doesnt really like him, but dont know who else to vote for. If you listened to NHK news 10, this is the picture I got.

But, Koizumi's main reason behind the election and his whole election campaign is mainly about the Privatization of the Post Office. People questionnaired in the street say "Oh, its bad, many people will lose their jobs." ...etc.. (which is inaccurate)

I work in a Postal Company. You'd think, the people who worked there, if postal privatisation was a bad thing, would be dead set against Koizumi. No, they are all openly rooting for him.

So, if the people in the Postal Services are voting for the man who is trying to reform the Japanese Postal System..... Whats the problem?

I wonder who Koizumi models his image on?

I guess its a good a reason as any to vote for him.....?!

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knew the hair would make him win. think the other politicians wouldve caught on by now huh??