Jean Charles de Menezes - Leaked Report

"...They also suggest Mr de Menezes had walked into Stockwell Tube station, picked up a free newspaper, walked through ticket barriers, had started to run when he saw a train arriving and was sitting down in a train when he was shot.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident - which happened a day after the 21 July failed bomb attacks in London - police said Mr de Menezes had been acting suspiciously and suggested he had vaulted the ticket barriers.

Police also said the 27-year-old electrician had worn a large winter-style coat - but the leaked version suggested he had in fact worn a denim jacket. ..."

This news disgusted me as I viewed the BBC website. I believed the report just after the killing that the man was acting suspiciously, he was wearing clothers not suitable to the weather and that when the police asked him to stop he continue to run. Maybe I was naive. After all, thats what the police would want the public to believe so that they still had a little faith in them - Im sure I wasnt the only one who thought it was a genuine, if very terrible, mistake.

Now I just have a sickening feeling for the police. They have shamed the UK.

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the news of this has even reached my friends in japan. i dont know if it was on the news10 on nhk, or through the net, but they say to me

The brazilian man who was shot by police in london was innocent wasnt he? And they lied about how he was acting didnt they? Does this happen often in the uk? How do you feel about this news? I dont trust the police anywhere now.

how am i supposed to respond? Since coming to japan i have become strangely patriotic about england. I am proud that that is where my roots are. a country rich in history. a country rich in future. ...but is it?