Very hot at 6th Station of Fuji. Glad I bought that stick! We started at 7am, getting to the top at 2pm.

Im amazed at the number of eldery people climbing Mt Fuji. I found the way down very hard and a little dangerous - how did they manage it I wonder? Anyway, this photo reminds me of a programme on TV with Micheal Palin - Himalaya. Im not sure why...

The views were breathtaking from Fuji. Whenever the clouds cleared, you;d know because everyone would suddenly say 「ほら!すげー! わぁ! きれい! すげー!」 kind of thing. (baisc translation = wow, look - wow, so beautiful!)

Occassionally the clouds would join us walking. I appreciated it - it blocked out the burning sun and provided some coolness :) thanks, clouds!

There were many gaijin climbing Mt Fuji. A whole troop of the US Army where climbing too - speed climbing.... I saw them at the top eating their ramen and looking very exhausted :)

Even though I totally enjoyed climbing Fuji and Im very, very, very glad I was given the opportunity to by some friends, as the saying goes...

"A wise man climbs Mt Fuji. Only a fool climbs Mt Fuji twice."

,...or something like that... Im not a fool. I wont be climbing again! Luckily nobody I was with suffered from altitude sickness, however, maybe its because we all took regular intakes from the oxygen supplier!! If you are thinking of climbing Fuji, Id recommend buying a Oxygen can beforehand - and bring plenty of food and water. The water at 6th station was 400yen. At 8.5 station it was 500yen. Normally this bottle would cost 105yen. Food is available on Mt Fuji - I had a ramen at the very top for 800yen (not too bad a price I thought, considering), but Id recommend your own stash of nuts or riceballs or cookies, or whatever you can stuff into your backpack. Id also check to find out what you REALLY need. You dont want to be carrying up your warm clothes and down again like I did. Its unnecessary weight and tiredness. If you climb at night, probably wamr clothes are needed, if you climb in the day, like me, probably a jumper and some waterproofs is good enough.

I was wacked the next day. Sunburnt like crazy, (ears now peeling, not nice...eurgh) knees killing, legs refusing to work normally, and dying for more sleep even though Ive slept for ages. Maybe Im just unfit. But, I didnt feel exhausted immediately after Fuji. It only hit me the next morning!

Ignore my moans. IT WAS WORTH IT. If you are thinking about climbing Fuji, stop thinking. DO. Youll be thankful.

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