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Konishi Wine Shop near the Tokyo Red Cross Society, taken about a week ago. 小西。 Incidently, theres a shop bearing my name nearer me in Narimasu, its a Japanese 'Snackbar'. Maybe my names not so foreign after all!!

Today I had Yakiniku 焼肉 with a friend in Chofu. Its my first time eating Yakiniku, a kind of Korean BBQ, and it was DELICIOUS! It almost won Okonomiyaki, but.... The Yakiniku sauce is yummy, and even though my Canadian friend warned me - dont eat Bibimbo ビビンポ as its spicy spicy, I ate it today with total ease. Not hot what-so-ever. (after I took out the Kimchi キムチ though..!!)

After getting on the Keio Line again, I felt nostagic. (なつかしい - Is nostagic the ONLY word in english that can be used for that Japanese phrase? It sounds so... wrong...) And it also reminded me of The Grudge again. Maybe its the wierdo in me, but Id like to delve deep and find out where the Juon House really is...

When I get back to Rondon, theres so much I want to do. Being in Tokyo, and being restricted by what I can do (because Im only here for a year and as Im not fluent in Japanese, I only have a few options). Id like to study Web Design, and, take life more as it comes, not worrying about others opinions.

People are always surprised when I say that Tokyo is much more polite than London. They say "No, Tokyo is rude!" But, maybe its because Im a gaijin, but I dont see it. People dont randomly attack you in the street, give you dirty looks for no reason, throw stones at your head, laugh at you rudely, push infront when queuing, throw rubbish wherever they please, keep seated on the packed train when a pregnant women comes aboard (eldery people are excluded - elderly people are ruder than teenagers in Rondon)... I could go on for days about how Tokyo is friendlier and kinder than London.

I wish I wasnt going home.
I wish I could combine the two - move my family, friends, and workplace to over here in Tokyo.

Best of both worlds.

After Hirosaki, gonna get my picture gallery sorted of all the places Ive been in Japan. Hopefully some kind of 'visit' and 'dont waste time going there!' thing too... watch this space..

Tokyo (doh!)
Narita City
(& Furikawa)
(& Otaru)
Okinawa (Naha & Manza Mo)
Mt. Fuji
(& Huis Ten Bosch & Unzen Jigoku)
Kawagoe (& Saitama in general)
(Hirosaki, Aomori, Akita, Enoshima & Hakone to be added soooooooon)

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hey, u posted that when we mustve been online at the same time... switch on your msn!! :-)

whats going on? Are returning in sept or not? I sent a mail to your phpone, but you siad that its fucked? is it fixed now?

impressive list of placesyouve been k. all in 8 months? you must be broke now!!

think youd have heard but one of the lonodn bombers, the one in speain, is claiming he is not guilty, he had nothing to do with al qaeda, the bomb he carryed never meant to go off, it was just in protest to all the muslims captured by police after july 7th.

load of bull

but, can the police actually charge him - after all, he never really did anything huh?

Fi xx

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u r soooo gonna miss u freedom wen u come back to london... **hint :)