Practise became reality

The tube is a form of transport. A bus is a form of transport. So is a plane. With planes there are fewer of them so you can do more security checks. The tube and buses are so often used by so many thousands that there's no way that you can ever check who goes in and who goes out. I dont see how attacks like the one in London can ever be stopped.

I couldnt stop thinking about it today after leaving my friend at Narita Airport as she embarks on her journey back to London. At Ueno Station I see the armed uniformed police standing stall on their little step ladders watching everyone, one hand ready on their weapon. I get the JR OK, I recieve a text from a woman whom Ive not spoken to for ages asking if my friends and family are OK. I dont know how to take it. Its a nice thought, but, a bit of a second thought? A bit late? I take the Yurakuchou line home and look around me. There was a 7-11 bag on my seat with a half drunken drink inside. But it couldve been something worse. The thing is, in Japan, if you see a bag on the floor that nobodies tending to, you leave it. The person might come back they think. The person wont come back if its a bomb inside. Japanese people need to change their viewpoints otherwise they are at serious risk.

Im homesick too. I was before (dont wanna bore you...!) but then I had my friend here. I want to live the lifestyle I have in Tokyo with the career I have in London, with the friends, family and cheep cinema tickets I have in London. I dont want the rude-boys, the gang fights, the stares, the 'what you looking at?''s, the stones being thrown at your head for a laugh to see what you'll do, the slapping or air gunning of people just so the sick bastards can record it on their mobile phone and send it to strangers. I dont want London attitude. The terrorist attacks has spurred me on more than ever to go home. I dont ever want to be in that same situation of panic and worry as I was on Thursday night.

Never ever again.

..Thought this was spooky. Did they know about this? Thought itd be funny to put practise to reality?? People in London told me that 7 bombs had gone off on the 7th of the 7th. But Japanese TV only says 4 bombs went off... Im confused...

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