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I went to Nikko today. OK, so the brochure says its a MUST VISIT for any visitor to Tokyo. Im sorry, I can find of much more nicer must visits to visit while you are here. Nikko was an overpriced place which didnt live up to any reputations. I considered my trip there a waste of time and money, and I certainly wont be going back.

Ok, so the place has history. And yes, the shrines were very magnificent, just not impressive to me really. Maybe Ive seen too many temples/shrines to appreciate this one. Toshogu Shrine was just ugly to me. The see no, hear no, speak no evil monkeys were a disappointment. Just a carving that needs to be more better looked after on a wooden hut. If you are on a whirlwind visit to Tokyo, visit Mt Fuji and the shrines at Fuji Yoshida, they'll serve you much better. ...and its not ridiculously OVERPRICED.

Liked the sky at Yokohama.... and (below) the toilet with mini-me toilet :) Haha! :)

(Does the toilet picture downgrade my site...?! :) )

...Im kind of tired of that look people give me now when I say that I come from London. That look of "Oh well..." >_<

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