id have laughed in your face

ill stop boring you with my dunno wot to do stay or go routine. as i was sure i was gonna quit work and leave, but then, now, i dunno. i like japan. i like the life i lead and the people ive met. so i dunno. just ignore me!! just enjoy the pics of miyajima and kawagoe.

i took my friend from london to shibuya the other day and got really offended when she said "This is boring its just like Picadilly Circus, only Picadilly is better cos theres a Virgin Megastore." ...To tell you the truth, I dont know why she came to Tokyo, she'dve been much more at home in America. Loud, ugly, fat, unattractive america.

If someone had of told me 7 months ago that Id be feeling the way I do now, I'd have laughed in their face.

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