Contradictory evidence - are cycle helmets effective?

Personally, even though I have tried, I cant ride a bike. This is a fact that stuns many in Japan. "You cant ride a bike? Why?! Its easy! How do you travel?....etc" The reason why I cant ride a bike is simple. I havent been given the opportunity.

In London, you have to ride a bike in the road, unless you ride in a park or along the marshes. This, for me, is considered dangerous. Car-drivers hate cyclists, and do the best they can to make their life hell - speeding past them at dangerously close quarters. My sister owns a bike, but never rides in the road - she prefers to acccompany her bike to the park or marshes before climbing aboard to ride. Basically, I dont know how to ride a bike because even if I did, it wouldnt be as a mode of transport as in Japan, but a hobby. A seemingly dangerous hobby in the land of London too. Those who do ride bikes in the road alongside cars - I respect you. Especially all those whom have taken to their bikes in recents weeks due to the London tube bombings.

Anyway - wearing a helmet is considered to be the best way of keepng safe, right? wrong. Check the statistics above and click the link. Not only is it unconfortable and makes you look silly, but it might not actually help to save your life either.


(What do I care, I dont ride a bike... Although, it is very appealing to learn in Japan. I did try to learn once on a friends bike in Yoyogi Park - alongside many 4-7 year olds. **Embarrasing...**)

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