Brazilian shot 8 times

The police shot the Brazilian guy 8 times - 7 times in the head, once in the shoulder.
Thats just damn wrong.

But, all those people who are rallying against the police because they shot an innocent man ARE STUPID. Yes, it was an evil thing to do. But there are god knows how many more wannabe suicide bombers lurking in the streets of the UK.

People should just concentrate on helping the police find the bastards, instead of trying to interrupt them and spread bad feelings.

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karekora さんのコメント...

ive been told that my above poist makes no sense.

"you say shooting an innocent man is damn wrong, but then you go on to defend the police... where do you stand?@

well, i stand against the frenzied policeman that shot him 8 times. An innocent man shouldnt have been shot, police were panicky and they shoudlve been more proffessional instead of just blowing his brains out.

BUT, I belive that there are more important and more deadlier things to consider right now. Such as 4 bombers on the loose and how ever many people behind them. They can strike again, and if tey did, it would destroy Londoners hearts and hopes, as well as making the British Police look like fools, making Britain a prime target for more 'easy' attacks.

Dont critise the police and disturb them from what they are doing now by telling them killing the man was wrong.

that can wait. let them do their job now.