Bad Olympic Decision

So, it looks like the Olympics are coming to town. 2012, London has somehow managed to win the Olympics. Seeing as we'd need to build new stadiums and buildings to host this, I cant see how we'll manage. Im sure that even if builders started work now, they'd still be panicking to finish in time, 7 years later.

I have no faith in London. And, after the terroist attacks on the London transport system, I would be surprised if it is reconsidered. To tell the truth, Id be glad for it to be reconsidered. If holding the G8 in Scotland causes terrorists to target London, then I'd hate to imagine what the Olympics would do.

Number one we are terrible organisers.
Number two the British public arent in the right frame of mind to host it.
Number three the transport system wont be able to cope with the thousands more customers.

Who makes these decisions?

...Sack 'em

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