Aa, so!

You had to queue to get into Chidorigafuchi this year. It was too crowded to enjoy it fully.

Just told one of my private English lesson classes that "Ah so" is a swearword in English. They found that hysterical, and kept saying "Ah so". They spent most of the hour is fits of giggles. .....! "Ah so" means "uh-huh" in Japanese.

Wagamama restaurant in Fujiyoshida.
Damn, its a bit different from the Wagamama's in London huh?! ;) Wonder if they do better food? I find Wagamama's in London too salty. But then again, I guess Japanese food is salty...

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Damn, Im sorry, my pictures look so bitmapped! Guess I shouldnt take them from the thumbnails... but im lazy...

damn, do i miss being a graphic designer/mac operator in London. (just thought id throw that in...)