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basically, I want to know how to get to Nagasaki from Hiroshima - the cheapest way - and I dont have enough time to go to the TIC in yurakucho at the moment.

any one have any suggestions?? thx

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Take a train from the conventional line from Hiroshima to Fukuoka(Hakata) instead of a bullet train. Investigate the bus service in Fukuoka for a trip from Fukuoka to Nagasaki.

You can save a few pennies.

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Id say wait til you are in Hiroshima and then go to the TIC there. Most TICs in Tokyo only have info about Tokyo - the one in Ueno for example. The YurAkucho ones probably OK, never been there myself.

Anyway, however you do it, as the other person says, youll have to change at Fukuoka. (Big earthquake this morning - hows Tom? have u been in touch w him?)

Fukuoka is just another big town, so theres not much point staying there, dont wste time, go straight to Nagasaki.

Citys broken up for easter. Gonna go Dublin. Happy Paddys Day.. :)

Fi x

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reminds me, did u go Paddy Day Fest in Tokyo? wot was it like? I went Trafalgar Square on Padddys Day here, but was crap. I stayed inside a pub and was scared to go out of it beciasue of all th crowds and drunkards! (Bad excuse huh?)

*evil smile*

Fi x

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thanking fi and anonymous :-)
missed paddys day in Japan. Something was going on in ometesando, saw the remains of flags and stuff, but didnt get there in time. :-(

karekora ;-)