seriously need to move

seriously cant wait to move. OK, so Ill be sharing a kitchen and bathroom. But, Ill have my own space. Nothing can be worse than here... except maybe a dorm.

she gave me an brolly a couple of days ago. I really appreciated it. She said I could have it, a present. It broke the same day, I figured it must have been cheap, but I didnt mind, so Ill have to buy another one, Id of had to anyway. I didnt tell her it broke, it might have hurt her feelings. Today, she asked me for the brolly back. Fuck I thought. I said I thought she gave it to me. Yes she said, but as Im moving, she wants it back. And she reminds me not to take anything of hers when I move. Who does she think I am? As if I would steal her stuff anyway?! If I was that way inclined, what would be the point? She'd know straight away who took it - me. I get blamed for things I dont do here anyway, so god knows what itd be like if I actually got blamed for something I did do. So, I guess Ill give the brolly back. And I guess Ill give her some money cos it got broke. Wrong really, I have to pay for the presents people give, and more, now.

Roll on Sunday.

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Im exhausperated.

Im a lodger. I pay my rent, I follow the house rules, I try to make me staying in another persons house as stress-free for the other person as possible. I try to make it seem as though I am not there. But I am there. And they never got round that fact. Some things in life will change if you have a lodger. I thought that was obvious.

As I said, I am a lodger. Im 21, and have the right to live my life. I have the right to make my own mistakes, my own choices. I was given that freedom a long while ago in London. I work to gain my money. I rely on nobody but me.

So I dont appreciate it when my landlady bursts into my room at 1am and tells me to go to bed... Im not her daughter! Ok, Im up late, Im not making noise, Im not disturbing her, whats it got to do with her?! Im 21, not 12.

But theres such a thing as treating someone how they treat you. And Im tired of being treated like shit. Of having to lick arse. For what? Because I dont have a degree? Because Im not a wrold famous graphic designer? Because I dont put on airs and graces? Because I dont always except that the things I get blamed for are my fault - I DIDNT FUCKING DO IT, thats why!

What right has she got to come into my room today and tell me about all the things shes disappointed with me for?


Im going to go mad if Sunday dont come soon.

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dont worry, u r moving out soon!

Shes an evil old bag!!

ansam x

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wot u doin up at that time ansam?! I should storm into your room nd order u to go to bed!!*

*note the sarcasm, and the obvious link... :-)