Okinawan photos

Manza Mo, Okinawa. This is a famous sight of Okinawa, with many coach loads of tourists. It was a really windy day when I went, really windy! The sea looked nice and blue too, nice and 'clean'.

I dont know what these rocks were meant to symbolise at Manza Mo, but all the tourists went crazy with their camera's when they saw it, so I thought Id better join in. After all, it did look like a pretty photo. Amazing how much attention two rocks and a bit of rope can get!

Traditional Okinawan Music and Dance Performance, Okinawa World Theme Park. I was disappointed in the theme park itself, only did this "Meet Traditional Okinawa" drum show make that hour wait for the bus there worth while! I liked Okinawa because even though it is part of Japan, its not, if you see what I mean. Its got its own culture and history, along with all the things I love about Japan. Makes it seem unexplored to me. **im strange**

Nearby Okinawa World was the Okinawa War Memorial Peace Park. I followed the hordes of schoolkids in, and was shocked to see the number of graves and names written on those dead or missing during the battle of Okinawa in WW2. It, too rightly, was a quiet (well, schoolkids dont equal quiet, but...) and somber place, mainly consentrating on the Japanese who died. (Why shouldnt they - do we remember the Japanese who died in WW2 in November? No. Only the British. But why - we are all humans, innocent, fighting another persons war.)

I did go to Shuri Castle, but the front of it was under construction when I went... I wasnt that impressed with it anyway, the photos in my guide book looked much more impressive, as did this little Shinto Shrine near my hotel in Naha.

Yes. I wanted to write across my forehead in BIG BLACK LETTERS "I AM NOT AMERICAN. I AM BRITISH." when I was in Naha. The army presence there is huge, and it does spoil the nice atmosphere of Okinawa. It can especially be felt along Kokusai Dori in Naha, the main touristy hotspot of Naha. Just reminds me of why I hate brash Americans, who talk before they think. **im stereotyping**

Fuyu Champuru. YUMMY

The most beautiful sunset Ive ever seen was waiting for my plane back to Tokyo in Naha Airport, Okinawa. It was so romantic, shame I had nobody to share it with... !

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