Toy Festival

I went to the Toy Festival at Big Sight on Sunday. The bigger event there was the Wonder Festival, but I bypassed that and just went to the Toy Festival. I assumed it was going to be a kind of toy exhibition, and as me, still a kid >_< I wanted to play... I was bitterly disappointed. I had to pay 5pounds to get in, and the stage entertainment was dire, no toys could you play with, it was just a kind of toy flee market, selling 2nd hand well-used toys cheaply. Lots of ultraman... You couldnt play with the toys... :(

But, Im glad I went, if only to witness that at this "TOY FESTIVAL" where many children had gone to with their parents, was lots of VERY noticeable porn amongst the toys. Surely thats damaging....?!


Like the fact that on the NHK 10 news, the translator knows what the man is going to say and translates it, even when the broadcast is supposed to "go live"...// :)

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