The fishtank. :)

This is a nice website with pictures I can recognise. Home.

I love Japan. In Japan I still like Japan. In Japan I have found I do actually love London. The people whos attitudes I hated I still hate, but its given me a new perspective. I do love London. I miss the down-to-earthness.

Im homesick.

I realise that a part of me is looking forward to December. Lookng forward to getting back to normal life - normal friends, normal job, normal food, normal topics of conversation. But, Im not allowing myself to give in. This homesickness wont last, and if I go home now Ill regret it. Ill regret not seeing Japan. And after 1 week back in London, Im sure Ill hate London again. Whereas at least now, in Tokyo, I can say I love London.

Typical. You always want to be where you are not.

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