becoming extinct...


whatever happened to being friendly?

How would I describe Japan... Thats kind of hard.
Imagine you see a really tasty looking cake in the bakery store window. You can smell its just been cooked, and its smells good. You aren:t that hungry, but somehow you cant resist. So you go in to the shop and buy a piece of the cake. You have to go round all the houses to get the woman to give you a bit of cake, she doesnt want to just give you a slice that easily. After 10 minutes, you get the cake, you bite into it only to discover its not as fresh as it seemed, and not as tasty. You wonder why you bought it. But then you are glad you did buy it as at least you know what it tasted like now.

Thats kind of my feeling of Japan. I like the culture from afar.
However, the shops, designs, architecture and food are making my trip worth the journey.

Hope to go to Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo in February. Trains are kind of expensive, looking into flying...

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hey k ;-) hows things?

hows the moody one? ;) If i was in u possition, id really want 2tell her where2go - go commit kamakiri or whatever its called! We cant always get what we want in life, spoilt twisted brat!!

Still, shit all happening in UK. Enjoy snow festival - could b romantic whatever you say! ;)

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