less stressed...

im in japan, ive met a couple of people, 2 jobs that could be hopeful (tho 1 job I dont really want, but ill see...) and my homesickness is fading. Ive been here 2 weeks, and if I am left alone for too long at night, I start thinking of sausages and chips and peas, and bisto.... BISTO! YUMMMM ...And, of course my family and friends!! And I get homesick. Im tired of white rice and Im not too good at eating noodles with chopsticks, I cant do that "stuff as many noodles in your mouth as you can" thing that most Japanese do with ease. Also, I cant slurp my ramen... I guess it will come with time!! I just feel rude!! ...

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday (the emperors birthday) so I went to the Imperial Palace to see him and the family go on the balcony and make a little speech. I was surprised to see how many japanese were there...! Still, photos above...

I went to Otemachi station yesterday too - MIYAZAKI FANS ALERT! Theres a huge gallery of Miyazaki films on the wall on the way to the Maronouchi Line, the photo above is just the beginning - Howls Moving Castle. I hope to see it soooooooooooooooooooon .... Figure I have to see it in Japanese... I think Ill understand, understood most of Totoro so... Hmm...

Christmas tomorrow. I have to keep reminding myself. Even tho there is Christmas decorations everywhere, Im not in the Christmas mood. It doesnt feel like its tomorrow. Xmas in Japan is a boyfriend-girlfriend thing, not a family thing. That surprised me alot.

So, fingers crossed for the job in Kami-Itabashi...

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thats supposed to be really lucky aint it to see the emporer and the family?? Hey! thx for the email, Ill let tai knnw. Hows the homesickness? Have you tried that new yearc ake yet? ^^

anyway, maybe ill get a phone card fr t madman on tott high rd - u say the europe card is best!?!? Did you hear about another madman in tott?? He drives a red voltwagen (typical...!) and he went around edmonton, enfield and tottenahm just stabbing peple at random. 2 poeple were killed. The police say theyve found him, but u never no w the police - they might just chatch someone - ANYONE - to try and proove they are doing their job... BUT WE KNOW THEY ARENT! They are just mice waiting to be beten up by yobs on a friday nite.

Am I being pessimistic? Jees, soz..

Anyhow, Fi

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its sting

sorry about suddenly saying "im coming in Jan" to you... anyway, july/aug is much better. i emailed you but my email bounced back... email me or phone me, OK?
what dates suit u? My dads found a good deal so if you get back to me quick, i can get a cheap flight to hk, to see family & shop, then on to you.. :)

let me know, OK!?

seen howls yet? How is it??


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oi you! ;)

how did d job go? Wot r u plans fr now on? Keep in touch ok?!

Kinda cold in London at the mo, just been in watching TV. Eastenders OK, heard they might axe the slaters... ;( kat mite never rtn...! Nothing much in the news, a flooding, a murder, the usual! Can you get UK newspapers out there like the Guardain or the Times? In Italy you can, but they arent usually up to date.

Xmas waws kind of strange without ya!! Hope you hav a great New Year, and enjoy 2005 to the full!


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I couldn`t wait to be rid of English food when I came here. I`ve eaten okonimiyaki, squid, octopus and eel and loved every one! :)

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i havent tried okanomiyaki yet... ;( I really want to though. Dont know where theres a restaurant selling it. Probably theres loads, and Ive just passed them by unawares..!

I have to agree, the eel here is excellent. Theres nothing like that in london, the only eel you can get is jellied eels, which is... not to my taste...!

I love all the little sweets you can buy here, yakiimo, ankan, ... Ive also found my COMFORT FOOD - Before work in Kami itabashi, I went to a curry house, and ordered a curry. Its cheap, it arrives on a plate, and you eat it with a spoon... Its my comfort food!! Many westerners hate Japanese curry, I like it ;)

Yes, Ive found that there are a lot of nice places to eat, but still, I crave peas. Normal Garden Peas, with gravy... I dont think the craving for Bisto will ever leave...!! >_<

But surely, you missed something... Shepherds Pie, Pork and Apple Sausages, Fish and chips...??